Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ahhh the weather is changing and that makes me sooo happy...our A/C is currnetly off and has been all night and the temp inside is still 77 degrees

I have the day off and that is always a great thing.
Things I should do today...

Clean my bathroom

Pay bills


Do laundry

Iron my scrubs

Clean my car

None of those things sound like fun.
Things I'll probably do today....
Watch "What Not to Wear"
Hold Oscar
Drink Rockstars
Have a beer with a friend
Pretend to online shop

The other day at work I got into the elevator with an elderly woman. I was wearing my favorite scrub top that had shopping ladies on it. The old lady turns to me and says, "I love your smock" I was like uh....excuse me? She says "Your smock...I love it" While pointing to my top. It then became clear to me that scrub tops are also called smocks in her world and I should say thank you. So I did and then provided the following information: I too loved my "smock" except that it only had one pocket and I really wish it had more becuase despite the fact that my patients are so small it takes a lot of tools to care for them. She looked at me as if to say "I seriously don't care about that long explanation", but then actually said " I have two smocks at home. They both have two pockets." Wow, thats really neat, thanks for sharing.

Well its off to the couch for me, I need to get my fill of Stacy and Clinton before I try to do anything strenuous like pick up my dog.