Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our temporary home

These are a few pics of my apt. I don't have any from after we cleaned and I decorated. But if you didn't know we have been so blessed by some family friends (The Nave's) who are sharing their land and animals, and this apartment with us. They own the home that is in the pictures a few posts ago and this one bedroom apartment they are letting us stay in! We still own our homes in AZ so this was a huge relief to have a place to stay. When I take some better pics I'll post them, but maybe you should come visit if you really want to see!!




I miss my friends

This pic is from my going away party in AZ. The girl to my left is my best friend Jessica. The girl to my right is my friend Rachel (who went to Bethel, knew a bunch of my MN friends) from work in AZ. Just sitting here thinking about how much I miss friends!!


Night Shift

I will try and be uplifting by starting with the good things about working night shift....
1. I am even funnier at 3am
2. I get paid more
3. I am sleeping a lot less so I get to experience more of Colorado...hmmm maybe not
4. You get to talk to your co workers a lot more with out getting in trouble
5. You have fewer demanding families to deal with
6. Its slower so you aren't running around like a maniac

Now for the negatives...Though there are many, I will try and be brief.
1. I will not see Nate for 48 hours at a time.
2. I hate being up late-always have
3. My eyes appear as though I've been on a three night drinking binge.
4. TCH believes in cue based cares and developmental practice...i.e. we leave the lights turned off in every baby's room and do not turn them on unless absolutely necessary to avoid creating day/night confusion in the infants. In other words, I want to sleep in the corner of their room becuase it is pitch black.
5. My brain doesn't work as efficiently so I stutter, slur, and in general sound like I have MRCP. Sorry that was completely non PC.
6. When you leave your shift your retinas feel as though someone squirted acid in them and sunglasses do not help.
7. You still have to drive home and hope you can stay awake and not crash-or hope that your now hyper alert state will go away so you can sleep.
8. No matter what my dogs will bark at least 48621981321681 times a day so as to wake me up right in the middle of a dream.

yeah!! Night shit...I mean night shift!!!