Sunday, November 30, 2008

Everybody Vote!!!

On my hair that is....lately I've been feeling really daring and I just cut my hair a little bit but wanted to cut it a lot. The picture below is the style I want. I never usually ask anyone, I usually just do it. I figure the worst that could happen would be that I don't like it and I will grow it out. So tell me what you think...though I'll probably do it anyway.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adventures in nurseland

Tonight I had a first--I got stuck with a needle...not just any needle a freshly bloodied needle. I felt like an idiot. There are all kinds of gadgets these days that are a part of needles that are designed to protect healthcare workers from such needle sticks. However, if you do not engage the are not actually safe from the shiny, menacing spear. So needless to say, I was stuck. My first thought was "don't bleed on the baby", my second thought was "oh sh@*!!!". See a needle stick in the hospital, dirty needle or not, requires at the very least a lengthy incident report. This report requires many pieces of information. Two such examples are explaining the "nature of the injury/incident" and most embarrassing--"contributing factors". How do I answer this...hmmm, #1 its night shift not always on my A game, #2 Carelessness-better not use this one or my job is at stake, #3 I've consumed two cups of coffee, four mini packs of gummi worms, three now and laters and a rockstar and a coke--therefore my hands could be shakey--also not a good one as I may seem unsafe at my job, #4 distraction. Ah thats the one. Next step as it was a dirty needle I now have to venture to the ED (emergency dept we don't call them ER's anymore). When I arrive the nurses say "eew-what's the baby got??" Thankfully I respond- "oh nothing, a blood clotting disorder and he was a premie, but overall healthy" then I think "Oh man, I don't really know the baby's family...sure they are from Nebraska and everyone knows no one in Nebraska has icky diseases *wink*, but seriously I don't know these parents. Then I start to get nervous. They hand me all of this paper work and information on the antiretroviral (anti AIDS/HIV) drugs I should probably start taking. *EEK!!* I decline the meds. I get some blood drawn by an EMT student who by the way was visibly shaking as he inserted the needle into my flesh. Now I sit here and think about the course of events. There is some info I'm given on how my risk is so little, though slightly higher then if blood had simply gotten on my skin or in my eye. I am not nervous or anything, but it makes me think. I take care of these innocent babies, but unfortunately their moms and dads aren't always so innocent. And even more unfortunately the babies sometimes suffer their parents circumstance. And bottom line---no matter how well dressed, good looking, wealthy, smart, put together a parent looks---they still could have AIDS, and I could still get it from a freakin accidental needle stick. Great. Why don't I get paid more again?!?!?

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok I didn't realize how long that was. Sorry. But now after writing something I'm passionate about I am far more awake!!


I don't usually like to talk about politics...especially at work. I am not educated enough on the candidates and to be honest sometimes I get frustrated at all the "strategies" I see being used. Two examples...Obama talking about MLK Jr. (who coincidentally was a Republican) in an effort to win the Black vote, and now McCain, selecting a female running mate which I assume in my uneducated mind is also in an effort to sway a large group of voters. Needless to say I consider myself conservative and have always voted Republican-since I've been able to. I get really irritated at all of the "Bush Bashers" mostly because I didn't hear too many complaints on Sept. 12th 2001. However, people always need to blame their current situation on someone, and unfortunately most choose the President. I don't agree and would personally like to give "W" a big ole kiss on the cheek and a hug for a job well done and a hard one at that. The point of all of my 3 am rambling is while at work tonight (which I still am :( ) I was watching Anderson Cooper on my lunch break (not my choice I might add). Another colleague of mine comes in whilst they are discussing Sarah Palin and showing video clips of her shooting a rifle. I as a woman thinks that's awesome, her shooting a gun and looking like she knows what she's doing. However, this nurse was making this big deal about her being a "gun totin' conservative" and clearly stating her dislike of this woman. All while wearing an "Obama '08" a hospital...for kids. More than a little inappropriate in my opinion. Not that I'm shy of stating my opinions normally, but statement tee's while taking care of someone elses baby are probably better left at home. So to get back to my point, this nurse is ripping into Sarah Palin about her stance on gun rights, and her pro life position. I am confused I have said before I am not huge in to politics...however I do not understand how you can be against a person's right to bear arms, but FOR abortion. To me this seems contradictory and I wanted to puke on her. We save babies born at 23 weeks...the same age some women still try to abort them. I have had a patient before that was the result of one of these "late" abortions or "partial birth" abortions. Do you know what that is like?? Do you know what its like to take care of a sick little baby whose mother was attempting to murder it? I'm not saying I'm all for killing the next guy that pisses you off,nor am I saying that I can even remotely understand what the women who find themselves in that position are going through. (No, I do not stand outside clinics with contempt and rage spewing hate on every broken woman that comes out of them.) What I am saying is if you have a problem with my right to take a gun with me for my personal protection or sport (I don't have a gun so all you who know how terrible my aim is in anything-don't worry) how can you not have a problem with a women ending the life of her baby??? Before anyone tries to get into the abortion debate with me let me warn you-you have not walked in my shoes and you do not do my job,(I fight daily with and for moms and dads to save the lives of tiny frail babies.) and you also probably don't believe in a life giving, life promoting God either-you will NEVER change my mind. So if someone who reads this who knows more about politics and right wing/left wing stances than I do...please feel free to enlighten me. I am after all up in the middle of the night and have admitted my inadequacies on these subjects. Maybe it makes more sense to the well rested.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our temporary home

These are a few pics of my apt. I don't have any from after we cleaned and I decorated. But if you didn't know we have been so blessed by some family friends (The Nave's) who are sharing their land and animals, and this apartment with us. They own the home that is in the pictures a few posts ago and this one bedroom apartment they are letting us stay in! We still own our homes in AZ so this was a huge relief to have a place to stay. When I take some better pics I'll post them, but maybe you should come visit if you really want to see!!




I miss my friends

This pic is from my going away party in AZ. The girl to my left is my best friend Jessica. The girl to my right is my friend Rachel (who went to Bethel, knew a bunch of my MN friends) from work in AZ. Just sitting here thinking about how much I miss friends!!


Night Shift

I will try and be uplifting by starting with the good things about working night shift....
1. I am even funnier at 3am
2. I get paid more
3. I am sleeping a lot less so I get to experience more of Colorado...hmmm maybe not
4. You get to talk to your co workers a lot more with out getting in trouble
5. You have fewer demanding families to deal with
6. Its slower so you aren't running around like a maniac

Now for the negatives...Though there are many, I will try and be brief.
1. I will not see Nate for 48 hours at a time.
2. I hate being up late-always have
3. My eyes appear as though I've been on a three night drinking binge.
4. TCH believes in cue based cares and developmental practice...i.e. we leave the lights turned off in every baby's room and do not turn them on unless absolutely necessary to avoid creating day/night confusion in the infants. In other words, I want to sleep in the corner of their room becuase it is pitch black.
5. My brain doesn't work as efficiently so I stutter, slur, and in general sound like I have MRCP. Sorry that was completely non PC.
6. When you leave your shift your retinas feel as though someone squirted acid in them and sunglasses do not help.
7. You still have to drive home and hope you can stay awake and not crash-or hope that your now hyper alert state will go away so you can sleep.
8. No matter what my dogs will bark at least 48621981321681 times a day so as to wake me up right in the middle of a dream.

yeah!! Night shit...I mean night shift!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ooops sorry

ok the pics won't resize cuz I'm at work....its ok my patient is at surgery and I discharged my other one so its not like I'm ignoring anyone!! I'll resize them when I get a chance so you can acutally see them!! Sorry I suck at this.

Pics of my homestead



View before the spring its green here.


My new pets


Nave's house


My front door and the tree Tazo climbs (pics to come)

Here are some pics of where I live. Its so much greener now its incredible. I have tons more pics to post of the horses and the new horse baby. I still am terrified of horses, but small baby horses aren't so scary.

Tazo's Mecca


This is a picture of Tazo in his heaven. I will try and post more pictures but as I've said a billion times..I am having mass difficulties with the old school lap top I have. This scenery is my front/back/side yard. Walking out my front door this is what you see. Hard to hate it here!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Story of the Move-sorry no pics yet

One would think that in this day and age it would be so simple to get your computer set up and blog away to your hearts content. This is not the case. Eric Grabau gave us a lap top to see if we could get WiFi service at the Nave's which we cant. So I sit now with a grande iced skinny vanilla latte at a local 'Bucks and I can't get photobucket to not cause my internet to turn off. So needless to say you will get a full verbal update and hopefully pictures soon. It is really beautiful here and I am so bummed I can't show you all where we live and what it is like to live at the base of a gorgeous mountain range!!

So the story of the move goes something like this (for those of you who don't already know!) We finally had everything ready to go and packed up tight around 4pm Monday the 19th. We were driving a 26ft uhaul that was towing my car on a trailer. We stop to get gas and head on our way. About 45 minutes into our drive a loud noise happens in the engine and we have to pull over. My husband, the mechanic that he is, looks under the hood and says we have a broken fan belt. I'm annoyed. So we call roadside assistance for uhaul. They are complete idiots. Roughly two hours later someone shows up to fix the belt. Nathan says to the guy that "the fan clutch is all seized up and looks like someone messed with it." The repair guy says in his best english " it look fine, drive easy, no ac. I don't have that part anyway." I am not very confident at this point especially since Nathan had to assist the guy in fixing our uhaul anyway. Isn't that his job?????
We start driving again "easy, with no ac". Still I'm annoyed. Did I ever mention that gentleness and patience were not my God given gifts?!?! Approximately 30 minutes later and only driving 35mph an even louder noise happens and the hood pops up and starts smoking. I start crying and swearing. We pull over, its pitch black outside and we have sketchy cell service. We once again call the retards that work for Uhaul roadside assistance. They ask me if we are in a safe place. I'm like "we are on a friggin freeway!!!! NO we aren't safe!" Nathan explains to me at this point that he was right and the fan clutch or whatever was seized up and proceeded to break and fly into the radiator so we are completely screwed. Uhaul disagrees. They are going to try and send a repair man. A repair man to fix a radiator on the side of the freeway at 10 o'clock at night. Interesting. I'll try and save you some time by saying that this did not happen. We unloaded my car and headed to a hotel. We smuggled Oscar into the hotel in a duffel bag. He wasn't pleased. Several more phone calls to Uhaul just to find out that they can not get anyone to come tow us, even though we are only five miles outside of Payson. Fantastic.

The next morning I start the phone calls again, we are told several times that they will call us back in 20 minutes to let us know if there is anything they can do. Finally a tow company comes to tow the uhaul. The tow guy "Earl" tells us that Uhaul told him that we were in Fountain Hills so they wouldn't come because that wasn't their area. Thanks Uhaul, I'm glad you can read a map. Five miles outside of Payson is not Fountain Hills. Uhaul says they will try and send up a new uhaul and a crew to unload and reload our stuff and they will call us in a couple of hours to let us know when and if they can do that. Almost 24 hours later we should have already been in Colorado and we are only an hour away from home. I'm not in a good mood needless to say!
We decide to take matters in our own hands per "Earl's" advice. We drive to Star Valley get a new 26ft uhaul after much arguing again, and then drive it back to Payson and unload the old uhaul and reload the new one...just the two of the middle of the hot sun. I hate life at this point and am contemplating seeking employment in Payson. So we get on our way and a few more minor catastrophes later we arrive at our destination.

Moral of the story??? Get a Penske.

If you read all the way to the end congratulations you are amazing. I will try really hard to post more updates with pictures soon. I have started my job and it is awesome. I have only ever worked at one hospital but this new hospital blows that one out of the water!! Its the #4 children's hospital in the country. The three ahead of it are on the east coast so they say "We're #1 west of the east coast!!" Everyone here is so friendly, it reminds me of living back in Minnesota. I truly have loved being here so far. I miss you all and wish I could move you all up here!!!

My temporary address is 9457 S. University Blvd. #273 Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
Its a ups box but that's the easiest way for me to get mail. Not that anyone sends letters but for Christmas cards and such.
Love you all. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We have arrived...

So we are here. We got in on Wednesday, after a slew of unfortunate events. I will post more about that later with some fun pictures. It might be awhile till my home internet is working so for now I stroll down to the Douglas County Library and check my email do my banking and any other internet business I may have. Be patient with me and I will update you all soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'ma leaving on a jet plane....

Ok so not a jet plane, more like a giant Penske truck...We are officially moving on Monday May 19th. Its crazy fast I know, but its just the way it has to be. So Sunday if you swing by my Queen Creek house I will be loading up a truck with Nate and we will be stinky and sweaty but you can come lend a hand or just give a hug...either is fine with us. We love you all and are sad to say good bye! I'll be back lots this summer so pay attention to the blog to know when I'll be in town to hang out. Love you all...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Survey Fun

Four jobs I've had:
1. Secretary at my dad's office
2. Receptionist at The Trailhead Athletic Club and Spa
3. Medical Biller
4. Registered Nurse

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. Princess Bride
2. Talladega Nights
3. Blades of Glory
4. Zoolander

Four places I've lived:
1. Woodbury, MN
2. Scottsdale, AZ
3. Flagstaff, AZ
4. Mesa, AZ, Queen Creek, AZ and soon to be Denver, CO!!

Four TV shows I watch:
1. American Idol
2. Without a Trace
3. Criminal Minds
4. Design on a Dime

Four places I've been:
1. Several parts of Hawaii (Maui, Honolulu, and more...)
2. Latvia
3. New York
4. Washington, DC

Four people who email me regularly:
1. All of my credit card companies.
2. Air 1
3. Companies that I shop online with
4. Connie Ciway

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Pizza
2. Beer (I know not a food, but I love it anway)
3. Steak
4. French Fries

Four places I would love to visit:
1. Greece
2. St. Thomas
3. Arizona (after I move)
4. Ireland

Four things I'm looking forward to in the coming year:
1. Being in a new place with new adventures.
2. Hopefully selling one of my homes.
3. Getting out of debt.
4. Trying to be a runner at 6000 feet elevation.

Four friends I'm tagging:
I'm not tagging anyone cuz Jen is the only one who hasn't gotten this yet. So I guess I'm tagging Jen. Hope you learned something new about me!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

God is Good!! Life is crazy....

Quick post as I'm at work....I got the job I wanted in the NICU!! And they want me to start May 27th...way soon I know, but its so great that I won't have to be apart from Nathan. Please if anyone can help me pack or wants to help me pack let me know!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

On the road again!!!

OK so not really again, but in about five hours Nathan and I are going to be making the trek up to Colorado. Nathan starts his job on May 5Th. So we are taking up a lot of our stuff this week and then the rest when I move. It is so crazy for me to think that we are actually doing this. I drove away from my house this morning and it was so surreal to me. I didn't even process that last night was the last night I would sleep in our room. It feels strange. I'm trying not be be a big ol' bawl baby. Tomorrow marks our two year wedding anniversary and how weird that we will be in a car for most of it!! We appreciate all the support and good wishes we have received from you all. We love you and look forward to sharing our new stories and adventures with you!!
I'll post pictures when we get back. We are bringing Tazo up so Nathan has someone to keep him company till I move, so all that time cooped up in the truck should be interesting!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dear Family and Friends,

By now many of you have probably heard some rumors about me and Nathan. This email is to let you all know what is actually going on.

Most of you probably knew that Nathan and I had a very difficult year last year. Nathan had started a business and was living his dream! And then some really awful things happened and that dream was taken from him. He attempted to start a new company doing the same type of work, however in the current Arizona housing market, that was quite difficult.

I have been trying to make up the difference of him working by working a lot of extra shifts and doing a lot more activities in my unit to try and bring in more of an income. However, I have become really run down and burned out and Nathan and I realized we couldn't keep living like this.

So we prayed for a solution and one finally came. A job offer for Nate in Colorado. Its a great job for him with so many opportunities for advancement. The company flew us up there to check things out and I interviewed at the Denver Children's Hospital. I loved it!!! So this opportunity became one for me as well.

The moral of the story is we are moving!! I know this may be a shock to some of you and believe me it was a very hard decision. We really feel that it is where God wants us to be and we are willing to step out in faith to find out for sure. I would love to have called you all individually and explained the situation, but Nathan leaves on April 27th and I have to get our whole house packed up so we can get some renters in here!!!

We would sincerely appreciate your prayers and support as we take a huge leap. We are terrified and excited, nervous and at peace all in the same moment. We understand that to our family and friends this is a sad thing, and I promise we are grieiving as well. We love our home and we love Arizona. But we really feel that we need to do this.

I won't be leaving for a little while and trust me before I go we will have a big going away party so I can see you all and spend some time with you. And lets just be honest, I love a good party!!

We love you all,
Chels and Nate

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I have started spring cleaning which I thought I would enjoy...apparently I'm crazy. I just felt like the house had a layer of yuck on it from the winter and the fall and the fact that I really haven't ever spring cleaned!! Well I got one room done successfully. I didn't realize that moving furniture and washing walls and baseboards would take so long. Today I plan on mastering the kitchen. I'm getting a much earlier start. I really want to go shopping later so I hope to be done by noon.
I thought I would post a pic of Tazo since it seems I favor Oscar. Tazo also joined in on the spring cleaning fun...after all only a few days earlier was he covered in poo from an unfortunate incident involving people food and 8 hours in a kennel!!

He smells nice and clean now!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I really should be cleaning, but I'm really not in the mood. I just got back from running some errands and Bible study and I would love to be watching Design on a Dime right now. But I think that maybe I watch too much TV. Nate's gone working on a job and I'm just hanging out with my doggies. Today during Bible Study everyone was talking about how they experience the Joy of God when hanging out with their children. Since I have none, I was thinking how do I feel that joy. Well there are several things that make me feel God's love but honestly as silly as it may seem...This guy makes my heart smile and me feel so much joy I can hardly stand it. God sure knew what He was doing when he made pets....And I love mine more than is probably normal!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad Day Good Day

So today started out great...I didn't get called into work and I couldn't have been more thrilled. Problem being I definatley didn't sleep last night becuase I was so worried about being called in. Oh well one giant cup of coffee later I was sitting on my couch watching TiVo'd episodes of Design on a Dime. One of my faves.

Then I started cleaning...yea!! I actually was really happy to get some more cleaning done and then I realized I had run out of swiffers and needed some more air fresheners. So I "kissed" Nate goodbye wink wink and hopped in my car. I got to Safeway, texted a friend, then proceeded to the aisle I needed. After about thirty seconds I realized that their prices were too expensive. So I left. I went to the gym had a great work out then got back in my car....only to find my cell phone missing. I searched high and low with no luck. I went back into the gym and they said no one had turned in a phone. I realized at this point it was most likely at Safeway. However I still needed to go to Walmart becuase I needed the aforementioned items.

After Walmart I headed back to Safeway...a knot forming in my stomache but a prayerful heart that it would be there...I asked a manager who said "Sorry no phone here. Don't know what to tell ya." I got back in my car and started crying hysterically. We do not have the money to replace my phone!!! So I got home and called it twice fully prepared to ream the person who answered it for stealing my phone!! Then I called my husband...still crying and told him someone "stole" my phone. He responds "or maybe your husband has it" I was like What?!?!?! Apparently I did leave it at Safeway and some nice man picked it up got a hold of my mom who got a hold of Nate and he went to pick it up from this kind man. FANTASTIC!!! Nate said he was sorry for not answering but he was trying to make me nervous and he didn't realize I was that upset!!!

So the day was getting better. Then I went home got some good cleaning done, and then Jen came over and helped me load up my new IPOD that my brother and sister and law gave me. I must admit I am obsessed!!! I want to go running right now just so I can use it!!

And in a little bit I'm headed to Landon and Danielle's for delicious dinner and fun times. Woot!! To bad I have to work tomorrow!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

A long day at work...

I just barely got home and after a nice conversation with a good friend, I poured a glass of my favorite Pinot Noir and I am going to post to my blog. I did, after all, say I was going to be a better blogger. Doesn't seem that I am sticking to that goal.

Today one of my patients, well she wasn't my patient today...(I have had her several several times in the past and grown quite attached to her and her mom) found out she has a fairly serious strain of pneumonia. The thing is the average person hears of pneumonia and you think old people or you think that she'll get some meds and get better. That could very well be the case, but with this type, she could get even more sick and not make it. It just reminds me how out of control we are with our lives. I know you hear it all the time, but it is so often brought back to my attention. You can't imagine, well some can, but you can't know how hard it is to look into a mother's eyes who so desperately wants to protect her child and now that she can't is trusting you to do it for her and you have to say that you didn't. That her baby got sick and probably got sick from being in the hospital. These parents trust you so much and look to you for truth and healing and restoration and hope. And sometimes we can't give anything but truth. And that truth to be honest sometimes sucks! I'm feeling very sad about this baby. These are the moments when I am greatful for what I have, but reminded that its all a gift and not to be expected. I'm also reminded for gazillionth time that I have no power in this life. I wish I could fix that baby. I wish I could make that mom feel better. I wish I could restore her faith in us as a unit. I can't. Sometimes my job is crap. I am by no means trying to have a holier than thou attitude, but sometimes I wish for a job where someone's loved one's life wasn't in my hands. Seriously...I think Target is hiring. I may apply.

Well my wine is beckoning me...I might forgo dinner and indulge in another glass...or two.
Nathan and I have started running together. We want to do more active things as a couple...let me tell you his orignal idea of more active was not exactly what I had in mind. So we run/walk about five miles around our neighborhood and up by this wash. Its actually quite beautiful. However, my feet have been hurting and I'm pretty sure I need new shoes. But for will be my cure.
Who knows? may spur on more posts.