Sunday, April 27, 2008

On the road again!!!

OK so not really again, but in about five hours Nathan and I are going to be making the trek up to Colorado. Nathan starts his job on May 5Th. So we are taking up a lot of our stuff this week and then the rest when I move. It is so crazy for me to think that we are actually doing this. I drove away from my house this morning and it was so surreal to me. I didn't even process that last night was the last night I would sleep in our room. It feels strange. I'm trying not be be a big ol' bawl baby. Tomorrow marks our two year wedding anniversary and how weird that we will be in a car for most of it!! We appreciate all the support and good wishes we have received from you all. We love you and look forward to sharing our new stories and adventures with you!!
I'll post pictures when we get back. We are bringing Tazo up so Nathan has someone to keep him company till I move, so all that time cooped up in the truck should be interesting!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dear Family and Friends,

By now many of you have probably heard some rumors about me and Nathan. This email is to let you all know what is actually going on.

Most of you probably knew that Nathan and I had a very difficult year last year. Nathan had started a business and was living his dream! And then some really awful things happened and that dream was taken from him. He attempted to start a new company doing the same type of work, however in the current Arizona housing market, that was quite difficult.

I have been trying to make up the difference of him working by working a lot of extra shifts and doing a lot more activities in my unit to try and bring in more of an income. However, I have become really run down and burned out and Nathan and I realized we couldn't keep living like this.

So we prayed for a solution and one finally came. A job offer for Nate in Colorado. Its a great job for him with so many opportunities for advancement. The company flew us up there to check things out and I interviewed at the Denver Children's Hospital. I loved it!!! So this opportunity became one for me as well.

The moral of the story is we are moving!! I know this may be a shock to some of you and believe me it was a very hard decision. We really feel that it is where God wants us to be and we are willing to step out in faith to find out for sure. I would love to have called you all individually and explained the situation, but Nathan leaves on April 27th and I have to get our whole house packed up so we can get some renters in here!!!

We would sincerely appreciate your prayers and support as we take a huge leap. We are terrified and excited, nervous and at peace all in the same moment. We understand that to our family and friends this is a sad thing, and I promise we are grieiving as well. We love our home and we love Arizona. But we really feel that we need to do this.

I won't be leaving for a little while and trust me before I go we will have a big going away party so I can see you all and spend some time with you. And lets just be honest, I love a good party!!

We love you all,
Chels and Nate