Saturday, December 15, 2007

Becuase its Christmas!

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I love love love Christmas time....My house is semi decorated, my tree is up, and I am currently in the middle of getting ready for my favorite Christmas party. I am making new years' resolutions early, normally I make them and then like most people, mid January arrives and the resolutions go to crap. But I am hoping that somehow this year will be different.

Resolution #1- Pay off debt
Resolution #2- Be a better blogger- no seriously I want to try
Resolution #3- Keep my house cleaner
Resolution #4- Get a couple of house hold project underway.

So I am not including any about my health or weight because those never seem to stick.

I had the day off and the next four as well. I spent a lot of time with Nathan which I always love. We looked at some model homes up the street in a really fancy neighborhood. It was fun to see what it would look like to own a truly amazing home. I got lots of ideas which is one of the reasons I love to go looking. But it always has a way of making me feel inadequate. Why i wonder. I love my home and I love who I share it with. But for some reason I felt today that I would only be able to be happy if I had more. That is so crazy. But I guess that's human nature. So I plan to make a concerted effort to be truly comfortable and content in my current surroundings. Maybe that's resolution number five!
Well I know no one much reads this yet, but maybe some day someone will. So to my friend who may come across this soon or not, Happy Holidays!