Monday, September 28, 2009

Ahhh the joys and um miserable crap of being pregnant....

So I am sitting here at the library as my right butt cheek and leg go numb...pretty normal for me these days along with a random spot in the upper left hand part of my back. Thank you pregnancy.
I thought for those of you I don't get to talk to or for the sheer time wasting I can do I would post the things I absolutely love and the things that I completely abhor about being pregnant...We'll start with the positives...

-Nathan's excited face when I wake up with a full bladder and actually have a belly.
-The fact that my body hasn't completely betrayed me by ballooning up, still have only gained 3 lbs and actually no one besides me can tell I'm pregnant.
-Knowing that in a relatively short time I'll be meeting a completely knew person that was created by me and the amazing man I married.
-The outrageous excitement from those around me...apparently everyone really likes pregnant people.
-The seven million ways Nathan finds to use the term eggo preggo
-When nathan "high fives" the baby which consists of him tapping his index finger on my stomach.
-The fact that my hair and nails grow like weeds.
-Hearing the heartbeat
-Seeing the baby do the booty dance on ultrasound
-Daydreaming of what it is - boy or girl
-Thinking of names

Now for the things I could definitely live without....
-Going 25 years with nearly perfect skin and now having outrageous acne on my face and back.
-Headaches all the time
-Weird numb patches
-Nausea that seems to come and go at will with no regard for the fact that I'm in my second trimester
-Exhaustion that I have never experienced
-Everyone and their mother telling me what pregnancy is like and how I'll never sleep again and how my body will never look the same and enjoy the freedom I have now and blah blah blah....SHUT UP!!! I would like to experience this on my own please...
-Boobs that resemble something created at a Hollywood plastic surgeons office
-Obsessions with sweets and artificially flavored grape things--I never ate sugar and now its all I want.
-Crying about a million times more often than normal
-Did I mention acne??

I know it will all be worth it but sometimes its hard to see the forest for the trees when you have no prior experience. Which does not mean that all of you mothers out there need to start telling me how to read things I dislike!! I look forward to March and holding this little peanut outside of my body. We aren't finding out the sex if I hadn't already mentioned that and I know that so many people find this frustrating but its really what we want to do.
We are so excited and are so thankful for so many friends and family that have been so supportive.
Again I said I would post pictures, but the last time I thought I had a belly and sent Jess a picture she said she could barely tell. So I'm waiting for something more exciting!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Baby Forsythe

 Pregnancy Ticker

That's right folks, for all of you who may have not heard, we are having a baby!!! I haven't updated this post in a long time, but I promise to start adding pictures when I get a belly. Current stats: 13 weeks pregnant, finally feeling better, no belly to take pictures of, super excited. Had an ultrasound on 9/10/09 and saw the little peanut moving around. It was so awesome. This was a big surprise for me and Nathan becuase we weren't "trying". I like to say we were "practicing" but not "trying". But we are so excited now and are looking forward to this big change in our lives.

Nathan is still in his apprenticeship, and loving it. The hours are long sometimes but he really is learning a lot and enjoying himself.
I am still working nights at the Children's Hospital, but soon I will go to a rotating schedule where I work nights and days. Two months of nights and two months of days. This should be better for me and Nate so we can spend more time together.

Hope all who still read this are doing well!
Pictures soon.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday date with Nathan

My Birthday and other fun stuff...

My Birthday and other fun stuff...

This year I turned 25 and it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I felt lots of love from my family and friends. I went out with a bunch of girls from work and had a great time. Then on my actual birthday Nathan took me to the cutest restaurant in Sedalia a little town right next to us and it was so amazing. If every birthday was this fun who would mind getting older?!


It was cold on my birthday and while Nathan and I were in the restaurant it was snowing outside the window next to our table. So cute and really romantic. Perfect birthday date!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So I really want these for my birthday....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After much anticipation....the haircut!

The Sweet Boys in my life!

Just a few pictures of the boys I love....The first is my hunky cowboy husband. I love nothing more than watching him work around the ranch...I think his tractor is sexy!!!

We recently drove to Arizona and took the doggies. It was an adventure! Tazo loved sticking his head out the window and it didn't matter how hard the wind was blowing or how much his lips couldn't stay shut, he just wanted to smell all the scents he could come across...

Oscar loves to be in the warm sunshine but sometimes its a little hard on his eyes...

"No photos please!!!"

Monday, January 12, 2009

New year-New Life

So I realize I haven't posted in awhile and my friend just started a new blog and made me think I should be better about updating. Maybe that could be a new year's resolution! Ha!
I am sure you are all dying to see a picture of my new hair cut. I will post it I promise but my internet situation is tricky and I haven't had a chance to do it. Be patient!

I figured for those of you I don't talk to much I would give you an udate on our lives here in Colorado. I feel that so much has changed for us since moving here. Many of you know that we moved here for a job opportunity for Nathan. Many of you also know that it didn't work out nearly as well as we had hoped or were promised. But we've come to find that we are ok with that. The adventure has been worth it. Our perspectives on life are so different and we are so greatful for that. We are no longer bound by material things and we have rediscovered how much fun we can have together doing nothing!! (And I might add having nothing!!)

My job at the Children's Hospital is more than I could have hoped for. I have learned so much and grown as a nurse. I have had opportunities that I never thought possible. This has caused a little bit of frustration for Nathan as he is not sure what job would bring him joy the way my job brings me. So we prayed...and prayed....and talked and talked....and prayed some more. And as God has always done with us in the past the answer came in a moment we never expected. Now I know some of you must be thinking "is that guy ever gonna have a job he likes or sticks with?!?!?" Believe me I've asked the same questions, and so has he. It has been very difficult for him to feel like he is always "trying" some new job out only to discover that it isn't a good fit, or it is but the timing was off. Recently when we were spending some time just being together I asked him if there was something in his life that he does that he loves to do and would do every day even if it didn't pay him a dime. (See we've been talking about how money isn't nearly as important as happiness and fufillment and a job can't necessarily give you that anyway, but its better to love what you do every day then just go looking for a paycheck.) He said "working on the ranch, and working with the horses." Well wouldn't you know it but not a few days later the man who shoes the horses we live with was asking Bruce if he knew of a hardworking guy who would be interested in interviewing for an apprenticeship with his company, well Bruce gave him Nathan's name knowing he was so miserable at his job... and guess what??? Nathan got the job!!!! It is truly the first time he has felt like he was made for something. Its going to be hard work. See horseshoeing isn't something you learn over the weekend, infact its technically called being a Farrier but I didn't know if any of you would know what that was. Being a Farrier involves way more than just putting shoes on horses. Its a two year long apprenticeship that involves him learning not just about shoeing horses, but he has to be able to read x-rays, diagnose lameness, work right alongside the equine vets and so much more. He will be afforded the opportunity to go on trips for stock shows, seminars, conferences and etc. He is so excited. This opportunity is so much more than a job. This man will teach Nathan a lot and will provide him an opportunity for having his own farrier business in the future. It is an answer to prayers for sure!!
So thats the update on Nate, he starts this adventure on the 20th of January. We could not be more excited.
We have also been attending a new church that we love. Its not like traditional church by anymeans but we love it!!! Its called Addulum. The guy who leads it is named Hugh Halter. He wrote a book with another one of the leaders and its called "The Tangible Kingdom". It is right on track with how I have always thought church should be. Not pretentious, not a ritual, but a relationship. With God, with people. Its amazing.
So we look forward to this new year. The changes we will make and the growth we will experience.
We are very thankful that our journey led us here. We have grown together so much as a couple and though I miss my friends and family, I could not have asked for a more amazing man to share my life with. I was told by my dad how good this move would be for our marriage, but I could never know until I experienced it for myself. I know I always say it but I will really try to udpate more. We are possibly getting internet in the apartment soon so that will help. Pictures next post I promise!!
If you made it to the end congratulations!!!