Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok I didn't realize how long that was. Sorry. But now after writing something I'm passionate about I am far more awake!!


I don't usually like to talk about politics...especially at work. I am not educated enough on the candidates and to be honest sometimes I get frustrated at all the "strategies" I see being used. Two examples...Obama talking about MLK Jr. (who coincidentally was a Republican) in an effort to win the Black vote, and now McCain, selecting a female running mate which I assume in my uneducated mind is also in an effort to sway a large group of voters. Needless to say I consider myself conservative and have always voted Republican-since I've been able to. I get really irritated at all of the "Bush Bashers" mostly because I didn't hear too many complaints on Sept. 12th 2001. However, people always need to blame their current situation on someone, and unfortunately most choose the President. I don't agree and would personally like to give "W" a big ole kiss on the cheek and a hug for a job well done and a hard one at that. The point of all of my 3 am rambling is while at work tonight (which I still am :( ) I was watching Anderson Cooper on my lunch break (not my choice I might add). Another colleague of mine comes in whilst they are discussing Sarah Palin and showing video clips of her shooting a rifle. I as a woman thinks that's awesome, her shooting a gun and looking like she knows what she's doing. However, this nurse was making this big deal about her being a "gun totin' conservative" and clearly stating her dislike of this woman. All while wearing an "Obama '08" a hospital...for kids. More than a little inappropriate in my opinion. Not that I'm shy of stating my opinions normally, but statement tee's while taking care of someone elses baby are probably better left at home. So to get back to my point, this nurse is ripping into Sarah Palin about her stance on gun rights, and her pro life position. I am confused I have said before I am not huge in to politics...however I do not understand how you can be against a person's right to bear arms, but FOR abortion. To me this seems contradictory and I wanted to puke on her. We save babies born at 23 weeks...the same age some women still try to abort them. I have had a patient before that was the result of one of these "late" abortions or "partial birth" abortions. Do you know what that is like?? Do you know what its like to take care of a sick little baby whose mother was attempting to murder it? I'm not saying I'm all for killing the next guy that pisses you off,nor am I saying that I can even remotely understand what the women who find themselves in that position are going through. (No, I do not stand outside clinics with contempt and rage spewing hate on every broken woman that comes out of them.) What I am saying is if you have a problem with my right to take a gun with me for my personal protection or sport (I don't have a gun so all you who know how terrible my aim is in anything-don't worry) how can you not have a problem with a women ending the life of her baby??? Before anyone tries to get into the abortion debate with me let me warn you-you have not walked in my shoes and you do not do my job,(I fight daily with and for moms and dads to save the lives of tiny frail babies.) and you also probably don't believe in a life giving, life promoting God either-you will NEVER change my mind. So if someone who reads this who knows more about politics and right wing/left wing stances than I do...please feel free to enlighten me. I am after all up in the middle of the night and have admitted my inadequacies on these subjects. Maybe it makes more sense to the well rested.