Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad Day Good Day

So today started out great...I didn't get called into work and I couldn't have been more thrilled. Problem being I definatley didn't sleep last night becuase I was so worried about being called in. Oh well one giant cup of coffee later I was sitting on my couch watching TiVo'd episodes of Design on a Dime. One of my faves.

Then I started cleaning...yea!! I actually was really happy to get some more cleaning done and then I realized I had run out of swiffers and needed some more air fresheners. So I "kissed" Nate goodbye wink wink and hopped in my car. I got to Safeway, texted a friend, then proceeded to the aisle I needed. After about thirty seconds I realized that their prices were too expensive. So I left. I went to the gym had a great work out then got back in my car....only to find my cell phone missing. I searched high and low with no luck. I went back into the gym and they said no one had turned in a phone. I realized at this point it was most likely at Safeway. However I still needed to go to Walmart becuase I needed the aforementioned items.

After Walmart I headed back to Safeway...a knot forming in my stomache but a prayerful heart that it would be there...I asked a manager who said "Sorry no phone here. Don't know what to tell ya." I got back in my car and started crying hysterically. We do not have the money to replace my phone!!! So I got home and called it twice fully prepared to ream the person who answered it for stealing my phone!! Then I called my husband...still crying and told him someone "stole" my phone. He responds "or maybe your husband has it" I was like What?!?!?! Apparently I did leave it at Safeway and some nice man picked it up got a hold of my mom who got a hold of Nate and he went to pick it up from this kind man. FANTASTIC!!! Nate said he was sorry for not answering but he was trying to make me nervous and he didn't realize I was that upset!!!

So the day was getting better. Then I went home got some good cleaning done, and then Jen came over and helped me load up my new IPOD that my brother and sister and law gave me. I must admit I am obsessed!!! I want to go running right now just so I can use it!!

And in a little bit I'm headed to Landon and Danielle's for delicious dinner and fun times. Woot!! To bad I have to work tomorrow!!