Saturday, May 24, 2008

We have arrived...

So we are here. We got in on Wednesday, after a slew of unfortunate events. I will post more about that later with some fun pictures. It might be awhile till my home internet is working so for now I stroll down to the Douglas County Library and check my email do my banking and any other internet business I may have. Be patient with me and I will update you all soon.


Trudy said...

Oh good, I have been checking yoru blog everyday to see when you got there. Love you and keep posting! It reminded me of when we were in Latvia and we woudl go check our e-mails in town, remember? What a trip that was, I think that is when you and I completely bonded. I miss you!

Kelly Todd said...

Hey there - just checkin out your blog.

This is Kelly from Children's, by the way.

I can't comment using my link to typepad but it's:

See ya tomorrow!

jenora joy said...

:) I so want to see a picture of Oscar and Tazo tethered together!