Monday, October 18, 2010

Forsythe Farms

Well its been awhile since I've updated you on our whereabouts!!! We moved in June and it was a slight disaster at first. We are now settled in Franktown, southeast of Denver. We are leasing a 5.5 acre ranch. Nathan has in recent months prior to the move had a strong desire to have a ranch where he could board horses and possibly turn a living situation into a profiting situation. So here we are....ranchers!!! When we first moved on to the property we were simply praying for anyone to come and want to keep their horse with us...we waited, and waited, and waited... I was starting to get nervous that maybe we had made the wrong move! But then we got one horse, then we bought a horse, and then the flood gates opened! To date we have 10 horses living on the property. It is an adventure to say the least. We feed twice a day and clean stalls and runs twice a day. I never would have pictured myself doing this in a million years but truthfully I love it. The income the boarders bring in has afforded me the ability to go part time at the hospital...which is AMAZING!!! More time with Charleigh! I couldn't be happier. I think back to all the perceived trials in my life and realize they brought us to this place and I'm truly amazed. I can honestly say I love my life. I'm so happy about the way things turned out. So in the pictures above, the bottom two are pictures of our horse Sid. He's the sweetest guy. Used to be a wild mustang. The next one up is some boarders, the brown one is Bella and the Rhone one is Madeline. Up from there is a dark brown horse named Dart, followed by the white Arab, Reggie. Reggie is hilarious, he's 31yrs old and has only 4 teeth. He is always entertaining us with his weird movements and funny personality.
We are doing well and staying busy! Its a lot of work running this ranch but we are loving every minute.
I finally found my camera charger so I have some serious picture taking of Charleigh to do. Post to follow. Shes 7.5 months old!!!! WOW!
Love you all!


Heidi said...

I am so happy for you guys. Who would have thought this is where God would take you?! Amazing how He works. Love you guys bunches and so happy to see things going well for ya'all! (Thats rancher talk for "all of you"!) ; )